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1. Do you offer gift cards? Yes, we offer two kinds. E-cards which can be purchased online and actual gift cards which can be used in store. How do they work? You can get any amount, but whichever way you purchase them is where you can use them.

2. What’s your whole cake policy? We required 72 hours minimum (whole cake no design or writing on them), but some designs require more time so we ask for 14 days advance notice for custom cakes.

3. Do you make vegan items daily at bakery or is special ordering required? Yes, we offer several vegan options in the store daily and you can special order vegan birthday cakes

4. Do you do wedding cakes? Yes, we do wedding cakes. Do you offer cake testings? Currently no, but we’re working on a “take and try” option. Do you offer speciality cake ordering? Yes, we offer custom cakes, birthday cakes, and wedding cakes. How far in advance should we inquire regarding a speciality cake? We require a minimum of 14 days for custom cakes, but that can change depending on how booked we are. We always suggest getting your order in as soon as possible. Wedding cakes requires a minimum of 6 weeks

5. Do you offer residential deliver? Yes, we offer residential and corporate delivery. We offer delivery in Metro Detroit and as far as Ann Arbor. Please contact us if you’re unsure of your delivery zone. We also, offer nationwide shipping for farther distance 

6. Do we use Soy? We do not use soy at the bakery*. We use almond milk or oat milk in our vegan option. *Cookie Butter Cake has soy in the “cookie butter”

7. Do you offer gluten free items? Yes, we offer gluten-free* brownies daily and you can special order cakes and other treats. *We use a gluten-free flour (Bob’s Red Mill 1 for 1 flour). We do not recommend our products to anyone with Celiac Disease

8. Do you host community events or offer space rental inside still? We no longer offer space rental, but you can contact us at about hosting community events

9. Do you accept cash or EBT? We accept cash and all credit cards (including ApplePay). We do not accept EBT 

10. Do you take orders over the phone or in store? We do not take orders in store or over the phone. All orders must be place online ( or by emailing us for custom cakes (

11. Can I get large/bulk orders same day? We suggest large orders be planned out with us. Feel free to email us in advance to discuss (

12. Is everything organic? No, we use organic and local ingredients when available.

13. Do you offer same day whole cake pickup? No, because we use fresh, high-quality ingredients we make all whole cakes to order. You can come in same day to purchase cupcakes, cookies or other items

*We use a gluten-free blend flour to bake with, but we still bake in a kitchen that uses wheat. We do not suggest you purchase our baked goods if you have Celiac disease. 

We proudly work with local farmers and suppliers across our region of Michigan. The list includes, but is not limited to: 

Beaverland Farms (Detroit, MI)
Chazzano’s Coffee (Ferndale, MI)
Eli’s Tea Bar (Birmingham, MI)
Grazing Fields (Charlotte, MI)
Greenhouse Soup (Detroit, MI)
Greensafe Products (Detroit, MI)
Grow Eastern Market (Detroit, MI)
Guernsey Farms Dairy (Northville, MI)
Keep Growing Detroit (Detroit, MI)
Laser Rays Detroit (Detroit, MI)
Michigan Farm to Freezer (Detroit, MI)
Midtown Composting (Detroit, MI)
Mrs. Pruitt’s Cha-Cha (Detroit, MI)
Nikki’s Ginger Tea (Detroit, MI)
PrintHeadz Printing (Southfield, MI)
Populace Coffee (Bay City, MI)
R. Hirt Jr. Company (Detroit, MI)
Slow Jams (Detroit, MI) 

We use all-natural, whole food ingredients in all of our baked goods.